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We are directed by a Board of key market practitioners who provide advice, technical expertise, access to key personnel and advocacy of the Chartered Insurance Institute's professional agenda.

Board Objectives

  • To provide technical advice and support
  • To advise on current market issues
  • To ensure our customer's interests are represented
  • To act as advocates for CII membership, qualifications and Code of Ethics
  • To ensure that members have relevant and accessible support for their professional development
  • To provide additional expertise and experience, and to provide input to and nominations for working parties that may be set up to consider specific issues and inform initiatives.

Board Members

Paul Anscombe Peter Blanc
Paul Anscombe, Seventeen Group Peter Blanc, Aston Lark
Mark Crawford Liz Foster
Mark Crawford, Aon Plc Liz Foster, Ingram Hawkins & Nock
Kevin Hancock Simon Keenan
Kevin Hancock, Yutree Insurance Simon Keenan, Griffiths and Armour
Stephen Lark David McCallum
Stephen Lark, Aston Lark David McCallum, Brokerbility
Barry O'Neill Steve White
Barry O'Neill,
Home and Legacy Insurance Services
Steve White,
British Insurance Brokers' Association
James York  
James York, Worry+Peace