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Professional Focus - Dealing with stress

16 April 2019
Learn how to deal with stress with Peter Freeth.

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Burst Pipes

15 April 2019
Find out why water damage caused by burst pipes in the home is an escalating issue.

Trans* ally guidance

28 March 2019
Exploring gender identity and expression.

The connected car – UBI and ADAS data is here

01 March 2019
In this 45 minute webinar, Paul  outlines how and why LexisNexis Risk Solutions is integrating UBI (Usage Based Insurance) and ADAS (Advance ...

Communications to customers

20 February 2019
Clear information that allows consumers to make properly informed choices is essential.

Money laundering »
Discover the impact of laundered money and how to recognise it.
Travel and Pre-Existing Conditions »
Are you selling travel insurance fairly to customers with pre-existing conditions?
Portfolio management »
Find out how to create the perfect portfolio management process.
Introduction to Blockchain »
Learn more about Blockchain and distributed ledger technology.
LinkedIn: Social media marketing »
Learn how to build your online presence to generate leads.
The future of commercial insurance broking »
30 minute video summary of "The Future of Commercial Insurance Broking" report.  
Client Money »
Learn how to handle client money compliantly.
The role of the insurance broker »
Learn more about the roles of an insurance broker.
An Introduction to cyber insurance »
James Brady from Hiscox gives ​an overview of the birth and evolution of the cyber market, with background on cyber insurance coverage and types of claims.
Influencing with integrity »
During this presentation Bernie De Souza will share some tried and tested techniques in a fast paced, interactive, field based presentation which will leave the delegates with the exact words to use and how to deliver them, to help their clients say “yes” in a comfortable manner using soft skills.
The impact and outcomes of the Grenfell fire tragedy »
The Grenfell Tower fire was shocking and tragic with the loss of 72 lives.
Professionalism from the Code of Ethics to the IDD »
The Insurance Distribution Directive came into force on 1st October 2018 and imposed new requirements on training, conflicts of interest, giving advice and product governance.
Where will technology and AI leave people that work in insurance? »
In this presentation, John Warburton outlines the research contained in his contribution to 'The Future of Commercial Insurance Broking' CII publication and 'The Insurtech Book' on the future of employment in the industry, particularly the impact of technology and artificial intelligence.
Easily dealing with conflict and stress »
In today’s fast paced workplace, competition for time, resources, people and clients is increasing and that can lead to conflict and stress making you unproductive, unhappy and even unhealthy.
FCA update »
There is a lot of change affecting insurance firms in the coming year.
Dark Web »
Learn how to stop or identify stolen data on the dark web.
Cyber crime and the evolution of phishing »
Find out more about cyber risk in our CPD video.
SmartWater »
Learn more about this innovative forensic technology that can reduce theft.
Senior Managers & Certification Regime »
Look at compliant methods that encourages brokers to look at managing responsibilities and their outcomes for customers.
Car Security »
Explore security ratings for car alarms and how to advise your clients on securing their vehicles.
Vulnerable Customers »
We examine how to be more inclusive of clients and improving their access to services.
GDPR for Brokers »
Learn how to maintain good GDPR practices and your ongoing responsibilities.
Introduction to IDD »
Learn how CPD requirements will change and how to remain compliant through your learning.
Professional standards and the insurance profession »
The meaning of professionalism, ethics and duty of care in the context of insurance, and how to put professionalism into practice.   
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