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Mental health workshops


Publication date:

22 June 2021

Last updated:

10 December 2021


Mental Health in Business (MHIB)

Free online resources from Mental Health in Business (MHIB).

"Mental health and wellbeing has become an ever more important subject, especially during 2020, with recent reports showing that the number of people experiencing symptoms of mental ill health has doubled since March." (ONS survey, August 2020). 

"The insurance sector is particularly badly affected with mental ill health costing insurance businesses as much as £3300 per year, per person employed." (Deloitte, Mental Health and Employers, 2020).

It’s so important that anyone struggling knows that they are not alone, and that there is help available. 

Claire Russell, Founder and CEO of MHIB, is a prolific speaker on mental health issues. With her background in the insurance sector, as an insurance broker for over 25 years, Claire has valuable insight in to the unique challenges facing the sector.  

In these workshops she looks at some of the fundamental keys to mental wellbeing.

Claire told us, "Now, more than ever, we must all make the pursuit of good mental health and wellbeing a top priority - let’s not wait until we are struggling!”

There are three one-hour workshops available - all free of charge - you can watch them privately, and in your own time. The links below will take you to the page for each workshop where you can find out more and register for the recording you would like to watch (you can register for more than one, they are different but some of the core content is covered in all three):


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