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Meet the board - Ajay Mistry


Publication date:

23 March 2021

Last updated:

24 March 2021


Society of Insurance Broking

Interview with Ajay Mistry, the most recent member of the Society of Insurance Broking advisory board.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your background in insurance.

My name is Ajay and I work as the Head of Digital Sales and Marketing for the Clear Insurance Group. We are an independent broker with offices across the country, and we also lead an independent broker network called Brokerbility.

I have previously worked at Aviva, Aon and BHIB Insurance Brokers over the last 10 years, predominantly in sales and marketing roles.

I am also the Co-Founder and Co-Chair of iCAN (the Insurance Cultural Awareness Network) – a cross-industry network focusing on supporting promoting multicultural and international talent across the Insurance sector. We were formed in 2017 and now have over 2,000 members.


Why did you apply to be a SIB board member?

I joined the SIB board because I see the Society as a group of influential change-makers whose principal focus is to strengthen and future-proof the broking profession and this something I know I can contribute to.

With so much changing in this sector, whether it be consolidation, technology changing the way brokers operate or the future of working, I believe this group has an important role to play in that future.


What do you think you will bring to the advisory board?

I will be looking to bring a new diverse angle to the board.

Being an advocate for diversity of thought is key and my experience working for both insurer and brokers, as well as having both London-centric and regional experience will give me the ability to support the advisory board and their goals from a different perspective.

I will also be advocating for the diversity and inclusion agenda, working with the board to ensure this is a fundamental part of the actions we take. 


What are you most excited about during your tenure?

I am most excited about making a difference on a bigger level. In particular, being able to support younger brokers with their careers, and giving that helping hand I believe I had when I was younger can make a huge difference.


What other areas or networks would you like to see more involvement with? 

I think the main CII Societies (Broking, Underwriting, Claims) have a lot of work to do together and collaboration with this wider-group is key.

I would also want to work closer with the cross-industry Diversity Networks, in particular the Inclusion@Lloyds six Partner Networks (GIN – The Gender Inclusion Network, iCAN – The Insurance Cultural Awareness Network, LINK – The LGBT Insurance Network, IFN – The Insurance Families Network, IDAWN – The Insurance Disability Awareness Network and NGIN – The Next Generation Insurance Network), as the work they all do is invaluable and will be working together will strengthen us all in the long-run.

Furthermore, working closer with the British Insurance Brokers' Association (BIBA), the Association of British Insurers (ABI) and other industry bodies to maximise our impact.


What piece of work are you most proud of to date?

From a personal perspective, the creation and impact of iCAN - we have helped hundreds of people already and being that “helping hand” is very fulfilling.

From a work perspective, the development and launch of an online brand called Create Insurance – this was a fantastic experience with my team and something which will drive us ahead in future years to come.


Is there a piece of work SIB has produced that you’d like to highlight?

I would want to highlight the SIB Learning Content Hub. There’s a fantastic growing library of text and visual resources that support brokers with their CPD, whether it’s engaging with new regulations, practical tips on supporting mental health or how the new Building Safety Bill affects insurance - plus there are podcasts and training courses on there. This is something I would recommend developing brokers bookmark in their browser. There is a lot of relevant information here, so I would encourage people to use.


Do you have any final words to say to the broking community?

As my Dad always says, take advantage of the opportunities in front of you!

The pandemic has changed the world, and whilst there are so many distractions, it is time to be focused and take action, and there are rewards out there for those who do.

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